Why Clubhouse Is The Next Important App in Middle East

Social media platforms and apps have played a huge role in the Middle East. Going back to the days of the 2011 Arab Spring uprisings and the huge role Facebook and Twitter played at the time. There are so many reasons why Arabs gravitate towards these apps and platforms. One reason being that us Arabs... Continue Reading →

Lebanon’s Hara-Kiri

Art by Mouna Bassil Sehnaoui (Instagram @sehnaouimouna) A few things I’ve learned in this crazy experience called being a Lebanese. One, it’s common practice that we glamorize our resiliency. What we refuse to acknowledge is that we are resilient to a fault. And when that’s the case it becomes less about resilience and more about... Continue Reading →

A Written Speech

*As part of an online writing course, my assignment was to write a speech using the methods and tools I learnt in the course. This is the speech I submitted. People of this great nation of Lebanon To the united backgrounds, sects, and religions Thank you for being here today. When God shuffled his deck... Continue Reading →

Lebanon Needs To Save The Pubs

It was 1 am on a Saturday night, and I was being served a salad. I was just as confused as you. Mostly because I didn’t order a salad. But it wasn’t the salad I was worried about. It was the cops gathering outside the pub I was in. Apparently the salad was part of... Continue Reading →

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