A Written Speech

*As part of an online writing course, my assignment was to write a speech using the methods and tools I learnt in the course. This is the speech I submitted. People of this great nation of Lebanon To the united backgrounds, sects, and religions Thank you for being here today. When God shuffled his deck... Continue Reading →

Our Lebanese Complex

Artwork from Zarifi Haidar Marin (Instagram @justZHM) The Lebanese complex is a condition well alive in Lebanon. This complex very much does exist. It lives amongst us. A part of us. It infiltrates our day-to-day lives. What is this complex? For starters, it is the stern belief, that we have inherited a utopian country. That... Continue Reading →

All A Loan

All Alone, Lebanon turns to IMF to solve current debt problem The Lebanese government released its economic reform plan. Again. This plan differs from its predecessor, the infamous Lazard plan. Immediately following its release, Finance Minister Ghazi Wazni signed a request to the IMF asking for financial assistance. All the popular talk about returning the... Continue Reading →

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