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I provide various forms of communication and writing services for multiple businesses and industries. I work closely with global marketing agencies, startups, business professionals and publications. Below is a look at the communication services I provide, the work I have done, and the relationships I have made with my writing.

PeerSquare EdTech Solutions and Online Learning

PeerSquare is the brainchild of CocoWorld, and is partnered with the Ministry of Education of Luxembourg to provide EdTech solutions to students in Luxembourg. It’s a unique and innovative platform that offers collaborative classroom solutions online. My work with PeerSquare through CocoWorld included assisting them with creating content for their website while focusing on powerful keywords, story telling, and verbiage. I wrote their blog section, with blogs aimed to drive search engine traffic via high quality long form content, keywords, meta-descriptions, and more.

Ghostwriting SEO Blogs

Click here for a list of links to the SEO writing and blog posts that I’ve written as a Ghostwriter for a variety of websites. Websites request these blog posts for link-building purposes, and search engine optimization.

Copywriting For Businesses and Professionals

Markarie is a strategic business coaching agency based in Atlanta, Georgia that is specialized in B2B coaching. I create copy for Markarie’s clients who are professionals in various industries and fields. The copy ranges from website copy, blogs, infographics, email sales campaigns, and videos. Below are a few examples of content where I provided the written copy. I also help Markarie’s clients generate more leads and customers by writing lead generation scripts for LinkedIn and Email.

Infographic Copy for Digital Marketing Specialist
Infographic Copy for Digital Marketing Specialist

SEO Communications

OneSeo is an SEO and link building agency that provides SEO services to businesses. I provide written SEO content for the company and its clients using SEO practices and tactics. I handle all content that goes onto their webpage. I also Edit and Publish all Guest-Post submissions to the website, and make sure the content meets company standards. Below are a few links to my work:

Professional Publications

Beirut-Today is an independent news platform based in Beirut. They published two of my articles:

Gulf News is a daily English language newspaper published from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I was a correspondent for this particular piece:

Medium is a good way to write articles about lifestyle, entrepreneurship, business, health, and all the other trendy day to day topics. Press the link below to visit my Medium profile and publications.

Music To Blame is a music blog based in the UK, that writes about up and coming independent artists and overall music scene across the UK. During my early days, I worked for independent websites, to provide written content for them and funnel traffic to their platform.

Social Media

Using the power of social media, I leveraged Instagram to expand my social network. While my website totes my opinionated and dense blog content, social media is where I tap more into creative aspects, creating content that is easy on the eyes.

I create all the content and handle all aspects of my Instagram page. I am constantly connecting and collaborating with local businesses, NGOs, and artists to create new projects and initiatives. When I do work for others, I am meticulous in my word choice and tone of voice depending on the client and content.

“To Beirut” Social Media Campaign and Fundraiser:

With the support and affection I received for my “To Beirut” post I decided to start a initiative called #thewriteinitiative to help raise funds for Beirut explosion survivors. In order to raise funds I sold framed picture of the “To Beirut” posts offering 2 different versions of it: the classic type, and an ode to Beirut version. The initiative was a success and the profits earned were all donated to directly help rebuilding efforts in Beirut.

Script writing

In a collaborative effort with a talented, local Lebanese illustrator we created a comic titled ‘Daze in Lebanon’. The purpose of the comic was to raise awareness on why the Coronavirus pandemic should not be taken lightly by the Lebanese society. I wrote the script and characters, while she illustrated the visuals. Swipe right to see the comic.

Writing For NGOs:

‘Lebanese Young Talents’ is a Lebanese NGO that has helped with volunteer work and fundraising for the Beirut explosion survivors. I helped them write some creative captions for their social media page which emphasize their benefits while providing prominent calls to action.

Social Media Writing for Small Businesses:

‘Confined Cocktails’ is a local Lebanese startup that caters in bottled homemade cocktails. I assisted in their Instagram captions, and phrasing some of their social media content and company statements.

Advertisement Copy

These are mockup posts and ads that I did when I first started copywriting.

Clickflick is a movie streaming platform that totes a social aspect to it. I came up with the idea and wrote the copy found on the website. The mockup is intended for copy-write purposes, and not for design.

Clickflick URL:

Facebook AD Mockups for (mobile and website versions):

“Adertisment series” Mockups using Shutterstock images and Illustrator:

Copywrite Mock-Ups using Shutterstock images and Illustrator for

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