Why Clubhouse Is The Next Important App in Middle East

Social media platforms and apps have played a huge role in the Middle East. Going back to the days of the 2011 Arab Spring uprisings and the huge role Facebook and Twitter played at the time. There are so many reasons why Arabs gravitate towards these apps and platforms. One reason being that us Arabs... Continue Reading →

How to Tell if Your SEO Specialist is Helping or Hurting You

This article was published on OneSeo.net Online businesses, websites, brands, and any company with an online presence have to realize and accept the importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). When you have a toothache, you would go to a dentist. If your car doesn’t run, you would visit a mechanic. If your website is lacking... Continue Reading →

Ruined Your Sons by Circe Single Review

(image source) This music review was published on UK publication Music Is To Blame. “Ruined Your Sons” by Circe is a gloomy and melodic eye opening to the world of male masculinity and its counterbalance of emotions and sensitivity. In her latest single off of her upcoming EP She’s Made of Saints set to drop November 25, Circe... Continue Reading →

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