DIRTY FREUD’S ‘Moments’ Single Review

Dirty Freud planetary science fiction photoshoot, photography by daniel allison photography, art direction by ben tallon, video by jake powell.
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This music review was published on UK publication Music Is To Blame.

Dirty Freud’s “Moments” is one long moment of electronic beats and lively house music that will have your body moving to rhythm as soon as you hit play. It starts off with deep and low, background moaning vocals that sound like they’re being made from a face sticking out from the walls. The high-pitched piano keys themselves yo-yo you back and forth and will have your body bobbing to the beat.

As expected the beat in Dirty Freud’s Moments eventually picks up and a couple of added claps and sounds later the whole song becomes one big mesh of electro music essentials. This combination goes on in a loop for a while until it comes to an abrupt halt after 3 and half minutes. Which, personally for me, is a bit too long. But if you are a fan of the DJ and the music genre, then I believe this track is a treat for you.

All in all, Dirty Freud did a good job with his new single ‘Moments’, which is enigmatic and energetic in nature, and even works to transform your entire bedroom into a raging rave.

Dirty Freud is an award-winning electronic live & recording artist from London. He has got the chance to work with an array of DJ talent including Jon More (of Cold Cut), DJ Krush, and Dave Haslam. He also has worked with renowned artists like Leeroy Thornhill of The Prodigy, Scott Garcia, Willy Mason, and Pixie Lott. He has performed at festivals including Glastonbury, All Points East, Citadel, and Boomtown, and across Europe. And all this without even having dropped an album, as he is set to release his debut EP ‘Love In The Backwater’ with his new label, which this song Moments is featured on.

If the EP is set to be anything like Dirty Freud’s Moments, then Dirty Freud is a DJ worth listening to. And one to definitely keep an eye out for in 2021.

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