The Power of Words

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There are many things you discover once you start writing. But the main takeaway is the power of words. Because words do hold tremendous power. The power to persuade and to convince. To evoke emotions without the use of emotions themselves.

You often take for granted how words play a role in your life.

When you read something someone wrote, the author is never there to express to you their thoughts. You cant see their expressions, hear the tone of their voice, or study their demeanor. When you read something someone wrote, you are receiving their ideas at face value.

Words and the art of writing have both been around since the origin of mankind and have infiltrated every level of our society.

Writers take a blank canvas and with their paintbrushes, paint a portrait of vivid words that come together to form cunning characters and creative stories.

Sprinkling salt and pepper to season an otherwise tasteless dish.

They do that to get you, the reader, to consume their literary masterpiece and come back for more.

Through words and throughout time, great minds have been able to achieve grand things. From children’s books and novels to movies to religion and politics, news and media, to marketing and advertisement. Everywhere everyone uses the power of words to do their bidding.

It was with the power of words that corporations dominated their industry and sold billions of products.

It was with the power of words that leaders throughout history showcased their charisma.

It was with the power of words that creators fulfilled their destiny and great ideas were born.

It was with the power of words that dictators birthed misery and waged wars.

The power of words is that words hold power.

The power to subtly sneak into your mind and occupy your thoughts, playing to your deepest emotions, convincing you of the message they hold.

Never underestimate the power of words just because they lack the flair of the visual or the raucous of the audible.

Even without these extravagant features, words are just as potent.

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